How to create a free website in blogger – -2021

How to create a free website in Blogger – Blogspot -2020


Why do you require a website?

Nowadays the internet plays a crucial role. Because without the internet, spending even a single day becomes more difficult for us. So everyone wants a free website to store their personal data, documents, videos, and files. It means you need a website. For personal use, you may use a blogger platform from which you can create a free blog site without purchasing a domain and hosting.

Which platform is best to create a free website?

Nowadays there are so many platforms available such as WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, and blog spot. Blogspot is a Google product that provides you free of cost to create a website and also provides themes, templates, and layouts. So my recommendation is Blogspot is best to create a website if you are a newbie or you cannot afford to invest in it.

Step 1:Sign in with your Gmail account

First of all, you need a Gmail account and go with the site you will find the sign in the top right corner side.
How to create a free website in blogger - -2020

Enter your Gmail id and password even if you don’t have an account you can create Gmail by simply clicking on the signup or create account button. I mentioned my screenshot below just follow that. Gmail is just because it’s a Google product and it stores your data in servers that is the reason to have an account. 

Step 2: Blog Creation

Next, you will see the interface as above images, then click on New blog. (This option shows you if you created a site/blog already) to enter your blog title and to set the domain as well. The domain works as an address that takes you to your website if you enter your domain in the URL place. You can find a URL box in any browser to navigate your browser and enter it directly.

How to create a free website in blogger - -2020

Step 3: Give your Website title and domain name

How to create a free website in blogger - -2020
You need to give a proper title to your website and domain. In this step you need to find a domain whether it is available or not, for example, you need to keep as a domain. But this domain may not available for you because the creation of websites is very huge. is a suffixed domain it is a default by Google. So give a proper domain name that you can remember easily.
How to create a free website in blogger - -2020
If your domain name is available(new) then just click on the option. That directs you to the next main page where you can start writing articles or posts.

Enter your E-mail address to get more updated interesting posts:

Your best regards –

Step 4: Start writing posts


Congratulations! Your page is ready to write posts. Now, you can start to upload content, videos, images, and documents and many more after that just publish your articles. Simply from the above image click on the plus button then you will see the next page interface as below.

Test your page by entering the web address in the URL(You will see the top left corner on every internet browser).

Step 5: Write and Publish your post

You are supposed to write in this white page content area. Can write personal information details, skills.


Features to write a post

You are free to use options and features like bold, italic, underline, headers (H1, H2, H3, H4), text size, text fonts designs, text color, fill background text color, undo and redo activities, increase and decrease indent, bullet list, number list, insert or edit link, upload images and videos, emoji, insert jump break, table, format line spacing, line alignment left, right, center and justify, strikethrough, quoted text, format as coding, clear formatting, left to right and right to left layout, input tools.
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Actually writing a blog is simply interesting as I have shown below. 
Firstly, just hit the New Post button
Then give titles, headings, images, videos, and paragraphs and design your content then do SEO optimization better to find your blog on google search.

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