Use this blogger theme and get Approval 2020 | SEO Friendly theme | Responsive theme | Adsense Approval Theme | How to apply or change theme

Hello there, This is Ismail. Like you, I am crazy about changing the theme of my blog. At first, I spent much more time finding blogger themes than writing an article because I hadn’t found a proper template for my blog. Always, I thought about whether this theme would approve my site or not for Google AdSense.

Because it matters a lot how the website looks and is well designed and optimized, each element matters in the website’s look. Users should be attracted to your site. I mentioned that this Blogger theme is suitable for Adsense approval.

So, after changing many themes, I finally found one of the AdSense approval themes that is SEO-friendly.
blogger theme for adsense approval
blogger theme for AdSense approval

Flat Blog Theme: – Best blogger theme for Adsense approval

This theme really attracts me first. Then I confirmed that the users would interact with my site. So immediately I downloaded the.xml file and uploaded the theme into Blogger, then customized it.
Will Google AdSense approve 
Of course, yes, because there is no problem with layouts. I observed that when I install and set up a theme, there is no extra gap. The theme is excellently desktop and mobile-friendly. Finally, you will get approval from Google within a few days.

Why this Blogger theme?

If you read the below features, you won’t raise this question again. Yes, because there are a lot of plus points to your websites. I only recommend this theme for your blog. Don’t worry about AdSense approval. If your article is unique, contains more than 25 topics, and has Contact Us, About Us, and a Privacy Policy, All of this is mandatory before applying.

Major important points before applying Adsense

Before applying, you must be clear about your niche. Check for mobile-friendly and preferred languages. This page is a must About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer are optional. To generate these pages, you can Google or write them yourself. The next responsive theme also matters. The second thing is that your articles are unique; don’t copy-paste. Before applying AdSense, make sure to check for plagiarism. You can find tools for plagiarism, like a Plagiarism detector and small SEO tools. Your articles or posts total more than 25. Purchase top-level domains like .com, .in, .online, etc, Now your site is ready for AdSense approval. Getting approved within a few days is possible; the maximum is 2 weeks.
Don’t be excited to apply for Adsense without these fulfilling points. The reason is that you will be waiting list for months for second-time approval after being disapproved.

Theme name: Flat blog template

The flag blog template is an attractive theme. This theme can be used for niches such as news magazines and Professional bloggers and includes so many features. It includes more than 10 various recent, random, and labeled post widgets. This theme also includes a slider for a news ticker. Among these widgets, you can easily create your own professional or personal blogger, looking like me. It loads with a mega menu, three different types of post layouts, and a social media followers counter.

Features of this theme:

  • Blogger Templates Footer Credit: You can remove footer credit by editing Html
  • Free Responsive and Attractive look
  • High Quality with slide Menu
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • sub-menu and also
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 404 Error page if URL is unavailable
  • Drop Down Menu
  • News ticker
  • Recent and random posts
  • Google AdSense Approval
  • Blogger Template with multiple layouts
  • Social and search engine-readable metatags
  • SEO-friendly optimization
  • Blogger Template Adsense Optimized
  • The theme for real Adsense Approval
  • Use For lyrics niche
  • Fast-loading Blogger theme
  • Related posts with thumbnails
  • Customized comments
  • Categories with different colors that change each page refresh
  • Contact form
  • Subscribe and follow by email
  • SEO setup for the Blogger Template
  • Blogger Template Free Download
  • SEO-responsive and attractive Blogger Template
  • Blogger Templates: Free Responsive
  • Easily remove or modify the footer credit.
  • Blogger Template for Affiliate Marketing
  • Fully Unlocked With All layouts, widgets, and Features
So, you don’t need any other extra layouts or widgets; all the important gadgets include in this theme itself. You just plug in this excellent theme and go about writing your articles.

If the above download button doesn’t work please visit the site to download theme.

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How do I apply a blog theme?

After downloading the theme, open it with a text document (Notepad, PDF, or HTML viewer).
Copy all text without missing any codes or brackets, even
Now login to Blogger’s dashboard
Select the theme option from the menu
Click on the down arrow
Use this blogger theme and get Approval 2020 | SEO Friendly theme | Responsive theme | Adsense Approval Theme | How to apply or change theme
Click on Edit HTML, then paste the code and save as from the below images.
Use this blogger theme and get Approval 2020 | SEO Friendly theme | Responsive theme | Adsense Approval Theme | How to apply or change theme

About this article

I solved the problem for those who are still finding themes or templates for their Blogger sites. This article clarifies the best theme and their features, which is best to use for AdSense approval, responsiveness, and SEO, and shows how to apply the theme If you like this theme, please subscribe to this site, and if you have any queries, please comment below. I will write you back soon. Thank You.

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This article covered blogger themes that you can download. Blogger themes are free. Blogger theme free downloads can be found on websites like gooyabites. You will find the best theme for Blogger websites.

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