59 Chinese alternative || Chinese Loan Apps Banned || Boycott apps

59 Chinese alternative || Chinese Loan Apps Banned || Boycott apps

59 chinese alternative apps that you can use safely || Indian Developers, tiktok banned india, india banned tikto, tik tok alternative
59 Chinese alternative apps | Boycott Apps

Hello there, hope you are all doing well. I know that after the ban of 59 Chinese applications on TikTok, Indians are struggling to find alternative applications. In this article, you are going to learn about boycotting apps that are developed by the Chinese and their technology. I mentioned the list below of boycotting Android apps.

Some of them are Chinese loan apps banned. The majority of the 42 Chinese apps listed are affected, or 51 Chinese apps.

On this page, I have listed most alternatives to banned Chinese applications. The below table clearly lists those boycotted app alternatives.

Google Play Store Standard Conditions: 

Now Google performing smarter and more intelligent according to Data Policy. Changing is hard for developers to publish their Android applications on the Google Play Store. Restrictions like valid G-mail, age, and their terms and conditions.

The first 42 Chinese Apps listed are the main

 S.No  Chinese banned app   Indian alternative app
 1.  TikTok  Chingari App, Roposo   App
 2.  ShareIt, Xender  Files go, Google Drive
 3.  Club Factory  Myntra, Ajio
 4.  Hello  Share Chat
 5.  Like  Roposo, Mitron
 6.  New Video Status  Share Chat
 7.  Mobile legends  Clash of clans
 8.  Vfly status video  Chingari, Roposo, Bolo  Indya, Dubsmash
 9.  U video  YouTube
 10.  QQ Launcher  Microsoft launcher
 11.  QQ Security center  1Password
 12.  QQ International  Whatsapp
 13.  QQ Newsfeed  Google news
 14.  QQ Music  Jio Savn, Spotify,.   YouTube Music
 15.  QQ Mail  G-mail, Outlook
 16.  QQ Player  VLC Media player
 17.  Kwai  Roposo, Chingari
 18.  UC Browser  Google Chrome, Jio.   browser
 19.  Baidu map  Google map
 20.  Shein  Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart
 21.  Clash of kings  Clash of clans
 22.  Vault-Hide  Applock, Keepsafe
 23.  You cam makeup  Indian selfie camera
 24.  Mi communirt  No alternative
 25.  CM Browser  Google Chrome, Jio.   browser
 26.  Virus cleaner  Avast antivirus
 27.  APUS Browser  Google Chrome
 28.  ROMWE  Myntra, Ajio
 29.  News Dog  Inshorts, Google news
 30.  Beauty Plus  Picsart, AB612, Indian   selfie camera
 31.  WeChat  Hike messenger
 32.  UC News  Google news
 33.  Weibo  Twitter
 34.  Xender  Files go
 35.  Bego live  YouTube
 36.  Selfie city  Snapseed, Lightroom
 37.  Mail master  G-mail, Outlook
 38.  Parallel Space  App cloner
 39.  Mi video call  Google Duo, Whatsapp
 40.  We sync  Google contacts
 41.  ES File explorer  Files go, Google Drive
 42.  Viva video maker  Photo video maker
 43.  Meitu  Picsart
 44.  Viva video  Powe director, Inshot
 45.  DU Privacy  Applock, Keepsafe
 46.  DU Recorder  Automatic call recorder
 47.  DU Cleaner  Avast antivirus
 48.  DU Browser  Google Chrome
 49.  DU Batter saver  Battery optimizer
 50.  Cache cleaner,  CC Cleaner Norton   cleaner
 51.  Hago  Snap chat
 52.  Camscanner  Adobe scan, Doc scan
 53.  Clean master  CC Cleaner
 54.  Wonder Camera  Lightroom
 55.  Photo Wonder  Picsart
 56.  We meet  Jio meet
 57.  Sweet Selfie  Indian selfie camera
 58.  Baidu translate  Google translate
 59.  Vmate  Chingari

Those are the main boycott apps from China and Chinese loan apps banned like Income OK, Easy Credit, Express Loan, Cash Go, Sharp Cash, and more…

Can we install TikTok even banned in India? Like Boycott Apps

You may google (How to install or access the TikTok app after boycotting in India). You won’t get the perfect solution. Even if you download the app there is no active server to read data in the TikTok application. Because India totally banned the server. So you can try Indian apps which are alternatives and similar features to TikTok.

Is it correct to be banned?

The answer is yes. One, of the major reasons to be banned is Youth. Teenagers are spending limitless time on TikTok. Some videos look under 18. Another side is disappointed that those who are becoming famous cannot move with TikTok anymore.

What is the way to see the user’s data or videos in TikTok?

Actually, there are two ways to download your data from TikTok. One thing is you need to save your videos manually one by one. Another is you must request or mail it to the TikTok community team.
Watch the video below that shows alternative boycotted Chinese applications along with app icons each.
According to the PUBG game, Akshay Kumar announced that the new Android action game FAU-G is a Bangalore-based developer’s game.
Recently PAYTM has been removed from the play store due to VIOLATION GUIDELINE. The main reason is GAMBLING. Don’t worry not it’s come again in the Google Play store.
On 29th October 2020, Finally, the PUBG game server was down. It’s totally not the use of an application if you have public still. It was banned first on 2 September 2020, even though the already installed users were able to play games. Buy now, the government of India has decided to cut off the game server.


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