About Us

Hello there,

With my interest, I created and indexed this website in 2021 to start sharing content on multi-niche-categorized topics.

You can see the different topics I write about on this website related to blogging, site setup, SEO, AdSense, how-to, YouTube, technical tips, gadgets, finance, technology, trending news, and lyrical Songs. 

As an individual blogger, I worked as a content developer in different niches and got successful AdSense approval for three websites and counting. Here are a few websites I worked on for my clients

1. My Tune Lyric: https://mytunelyric.blogspot.com/ 

2. Lyric Brand: https://www.lyricalbrand.in/ 

3. Lyric Gaana: https://www.lyricgaana.com/

So, if you are interested in each category, please feel free to subscribe to this blog. Raise a topic by using the contact form. If you want to contribute your content, please send me an email.

If you have any queries regarding the Site, Advertisement, AdSense approval service, or any other issue, please feel free to contact us at winsomeismailsite@gmail.com

Affiliate Disclosure

All of my content is free for everyone. It means you don’t need to pay me anything to read my posts.

This site might include affiliated links to different products and services on my blog. I only promoted those products that I am using or have already exhausted, some of which I haven’t used but have investigated.

If you buy any service or product with my affiliated link, I will earn some commission at no extra cost. I don’t charge anything like a fee for products, services, cash, etc. for mentioning them on my website. 

Even if you are troubled by this site, Please feel free to contact me at winsomeismailsite@gmail.com