How do I start A blog free from Scratch and make money online (Step by step) – 2023

How do I start blogging free from Scratch and make money online (Step by step)?

How do I start blogging free from Scratch and make money online (Step by step) -

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Why is blogging trending?

Blogging is one of the Professional couriers. Every FIRM wants to grow its business online through a blog or website. So, Do you have your own business, content, or idea? Yes, you probably need to have unique content for your readers. Let me start discussing how you are going to set up your website for absolutely free on How To Start A Blog. To avoid wasting your time, Read on.

Anyhow, What is a blog?

In simple terms, a blog is a website or web page. Including content like multimedia and text articles. A blog engages readers through their interests. Generally, you will see different posts on different topics, mostly related to their niche (Topic). Initially starting a Blog for free is easy.

What are the requirements of blogging?

You need not be tech-savvy or require educational qualifications or any other degree. All you need are skills in Typing, Basic English Grammar (Use the Grammarly extension on your browser in case your English is poor), Technical features, and internet browsing. The main requirements are a smartphone, PC, OR LAPTOP with an internet connection.

How do I start a blog for free?

If you are a beginner and looking for a free way to start blogging, then Blogger is for you. Willing to invest in fast results? then there is WordPress for you. Here, Investment in Blogging is only in two things: registration of in domain and Hosting. No worries. As I said above, I’ll guide you for absolutely free.

What are domains and Hosting?

  • Domain: A Domain is a unique web address for landing on your website. A top-level domain is like .com, .in, .online, .org, etc. There are top services to register your domain with, such as GoDaddy. E.g.:,
  • Hosting: Hosting can be said to be Storage. To keep your content data on your website, you need to purchase some web storage space. The top Hosting services are Bluehost, and Hostgator.
I hope you understand the above basics. Now, Let me dive into some crucial steps on how you can actually start blogging for free.

Follow the steps as I explained below:

STEP: 1. Pick your topic and blog name.
STEP: 2: Blogging platform selection.
STEP: 3. Domain Registration and Theme installation.
STEP: 4. Start writing your first blog and Publish it live.
STEP: 5. Promote your content.
STEP: 6. Build an Audience
STEP: 7. Grow your email list.
STEP: 8. Qualify for Google Adsense

STEP: 1. Pick up your topic and blog name.

How to find blog topic -
TOPIC: Do you know what your subject is for today’s exam? Yeah, the question is correct. While going to write your exam, don’t you mind what your subject is today as here you need a unique topic to start your blogging?
To find your topic(niche) the best solution is to Question yourself > What am I interested in? To start blogging and want to work for life definitely topic matters to you a lot. There are some profitable topics as follows:
Hey, are you crazy? There are no such profitable niches until your PASSION for something. PASSION+PROFIT = PROFITABLE NICHE OR TOPIC until and unless you are interested in your topic.
Even though here, I wanna share some profitable niches.
  1. Health
  2. Fitness and Weight Loss
  3. Technology
  4. Finance
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Blogging Guide
  7. Video content marketing
  8. Training & Educating, etc,

BLOG NAME: After finding your passionate topic then give it a name. Generally, the name is notable to your audience. Recommended short, simple, notable, and easy to pronounce. Whether you will keep your personal name or any words. When you move with consistency things will happen ultimately. Let’s move to another step.

STEP: 2. Blogging platform selection.

blogging platforms -

If you are looking for free blogging and you are a beginner, you have one and the only one is When you get some basic knowledge of blogging and how really it works and after gaining experience with more visitors you need to move to WordPress. also allows for free blogging but you can’t access their features a lot without premium and 3GB hosting limited. So it is only suitable to grow the business faster for those who are affordable to invest in.

Like Blogger, Allows you to start blogging for totally free with limited enough features for beginners. So I personally say that go always with to create your first site. Click here to sign up with and learn how to create a free blogger website.

STEP :3. Domain Registration and Theme Installation.

Domain Registration and Theme installation
Once you confirm your profitable topic register the domain in Bluehost, Hostgator, or in Godaddy. For example, if your niche is related to making fast food then register your domain as Known that some of the top-level domains are .com, .in, and .org. These top-level domains are chargeable up to 10$ annually.  Even if you are not afforded to invest then go with subdomain If you go with this your domain looks total of  19 characters. So recommend going with .com.
Still, confused about finding a topic?, If you are using a desktop go with the Contact Page and send mail.
Apart from blogging the next important thing is designing your blog. When a visitor lands on your page he/she (visitor) should be attractive and user-friendly. Blogger developers have built several free themes in .xml format you can find them in Just Free Themes and gooyaabitetemplates. Apply one of the best themes to your blog in Blogger.

STEP: 4. Start writing your first blog and Publish it live.

how to write first blog post -
Now, Start your Exam! Yes, finding blog topics and creating a post is a real job in the blogging field. But this post lets you know everything and the simple strategies.
The first thing is finding a blog topic post regards your niche. There is one unique website QUORA. If you don’t know what is Quora? Quora questioning and answering platform. Once sign up with Quora just enter your niche in the search box. You’ll see their list of questions regarding that, so read their questions about what they are asking and show interest to know information about.
Next start gathering information from the top 5 websites and create the best article in your own way. Remember that a minimum of 500 words and a max of 2000 words are good for each article for your post.

STEP: 5. Promote your content.

How to promote blogger content -
If you published your first article already, Congratulations! 
What next after publishing your first post? Who will read your article?
Social Media is the best source to spread your content and gain traffic. Take your content and land again in Quora and look at their questions regarding your content, Just share your half content with them at last keep your blog link. If the reader wants to know full info, he definitely be redirected to your website. Like that use your post link once for 5 answers. Otherwise, your Quora account may be suspended.
Likewise, you can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin, Quora, etc,
Read also: Top 9 Popular Social Platforms to Promote Your Content

STEP: 6. Build an Audience

How to build an audience
Building an audience means building your trust. Provide more value to your readers, It’s not all about you, It’s all about their interest too. So, Once your content is unique and readers trust your site. They bookmark your site. Like that, your audience will grow.

STEP: 7. Grow your email list.

Grow your email list
Growing your email list plays a big role in blogging and email marketing. There are a lot of email marketing courses you need to know. To own the audience you need to gather their emails. While subscribing to your blog you will see the email list.
Actually, it works for old readers who subscribed to your blog through their blog, they will come back again to read you another post update. Because they an email notification when you post another new one.
Blogger has an email widget, when you add it to the layout section it accepts email lists from users. To see the list you can visit the feed burner.

STEP: 8. Qualify for Google Adsense 

Qualify for adsense
I think this step you are waiting for. Yes, All that you did is from your interest. But coming to finance. Earning sources is most important. You will make real money by doing blogger. Blogging is not a quick-earning scheme. You need to work consistently.
Here is how you can qualify for Google AdSense earnings. Your blog should be at least 1-3 months old. Total 25+ unique articles. Your blog with About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages. Once you meet all of these you need to sign up with Google Adsense and then apply for approval. Normally, It takes 2-7 business days for approval.
Once you get the approval you can place ads in your content and visitors will click on Google ads on interest. You will get paid for it. Do not self-click on ads. Google is smarter than you.


In conclusion, the outlined steps provide a clear roadmap for building a successful blog. Starting with choosing a niche and an appealing blog name, progressing through platform selection, domain registration, and content creation, these steps form a robust foundation. Promotion via social media channels, audience building, and email list growth enhance engagement. Monetization through Google AdSense seals the journey. Ultimately, this guide equips aspiring bloggers with the essential insights and strategies required to establish a meaningful online presence, fostering connections with readers while unlocking potential revenue streams.

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