I want to start a vlog writing | Where do I start?

I want to start vlogging. Where do I start?

Start vlog writings
Are you serious about vlogging?
Yes, because the majority is declining to write in a post rather than making videos directly. Even so, you are strong in expressing your views on travel and impressing visitors through your words. Then go ahead. 
Steps to start from scratch
Step 1: Determine your niche strongly, according to your passion.
Your whole work depends on your mentality. I mean mental ability. It is called interest, and the topic is finally making your work done.
If you are interested in traveling to historical places, take photos and write about them. Your description should be interesting to read and engage readers with your content.
Step 2: Create a domain with two keywords
The domain is nothing but your website address. With this help, users can read your vlog writings. Suppose you type “How to make money online” on Google, and the results show you a number of websites that have already posted or written about the query you asked Google.
You should create a domain with at least two keywords, which are called short tail keywords, which help you rank the website easily. E.g., Keep if you are interested in the religions of different places where people pray at different levels.
Step 3: Hosting, then building a website ready
Hosting is necessary to store data like photos, audio files, videos, and other informative multimedia data. 
Hosting is a web service where you can store collected data to access visitors. For a better web hosting service, you can go with Hostgator. 
Step 4: Write your first vlog experience
After the full setup of your website, check the SSL certificate on your website address to be secure.
Now, how do you start?
Take the first location and visit. Know all the details regarding the place and notes, along with the surrounding environment. After collecting all the details like distance, expenses, and best places to visit. Finally, start writing and keep your words along with your opinion.
Step 5: Maintain consistency

Here, consistency matters more. This means you need to continue traveling and writing about different visits. This is all about how you can actually start writing. Please comment below if you have any queries.

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