How to make Audio Reactor, Spectrum visualizer on Android | How to make audio effects on android

How to make an audio reactor and spectrum visualizer on Android How to make audio effects on android

How to make Audio Reactor, Spectrum visualizer on Android | how to make audio effects on android
For YouTubers Looking app for Audio Spectrum and Audio Reactor, this post will really help you. If you are uploading vlog music, no copyrighted music, background music, or whatever is related to music or audio, you are required to interact with your music videos with the visitor. So that you need to include music movements in your video. You may upload nature or animated videos, but you may be struck by copyrighted content.

The way you screen your music videos

Only the way you need to add an audio spectrum, audio visualizer, or audio reactor. Yes, the audio spectrum is a software tool that reacts to your music’s beats, drums, and waves. If the viewer comes to your video, he or she may have more interaction with it. Because an audio reactor or visualizer acts like dancing movements with the audio sensors. So start making your music videos with an audio visualizer. 

Which application is best for music visualizers?

There are many applications available in the Google Play Store but many of them are In-App purchases and some of them are only audio players with the visualizer. After testing many apps, Finally, I finally found my best.
I personally recommend CHKSND an android application to convert your audio into spectrum waves or visualizer with the video format. Download the app from the Play Store.

Steps to make a music visualizer or audio reactor

  • After downloading the app just opens and loads music first by clicking on”LOAD MUSIC“.
  • Next, you will see the list of audio, music, or songs.
  • After that, you add a background solid color.
  • Image and text also are featured.

for Audio

  • Next, the important one is Audio Spectrum.
  • Two spectrum effects are built into this application.
  • One is a Horizontal line and another is a Circle.
  • You can add double-lined waves.
After completing the editing check by playing music on the main screen just import OR save the video by clicking on the button “EXPORT“. You may watch the videos to learn more features like image and spectrum position, Transparent Solid background, Spectrum Flips, and more on the YouTube video below. That’s it, Even if any queries please raise them by using the contact form, and for more tech tips Subscribe to this blog post.

Learn the complete guide by watching the video


In conclusion, YouTubers venturing into vlog music or background audio must foster engagement by incorporating music movements in their videos. To enhance viewer interaction, audio spectrums, visualizers, and audio reactors can be added. These tools respond dynamically to music’s rhythm, creating a captivating visual experience.

While copyrighted content can pose challenges, music visualizers can enrich creative output. CHKSND emerges as a recommended Android application for generating these effects. The process involves loading music, customizing background elements, and selecting spectrum effects. Video export finalizes the creation. For more insights, a tutorial video is available. Queries can be directed through the contact form, and tech enthusiasts can subscribe for further tips.

Comment down if the app is used for Audio Spectrum and Audio Reactor.

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