PUBG banned in India? Again 47 more Chinese android Applications banned.

Is PUBG banned in India? Again, 47 more Chinese Android Applications were banned.

PUBG banned in India? Again 47 more Chinese android Applications banned.
Pubg Ban In India

PUBG is an online multiplayer game developed by a South Korean company. From the recent update, keeping in mind national interest and data security India has taken another step regarding PUBG by removing and banning more than 47 mobile Android applications.

And the information is that those 47 apps are going to be banned along with PUBG. Yes, of course, it is good news for those parents who are addicted to playing PUBG. This is one of the second digital stabs.

Again, further lists would include more than 200 applications. If I am right, PUBG should be included. Teenagers spend lakhs of rupees while playing PUBG by using in-app purchases, and there is a special smartphone called PUBG Lite.

We know that already has been removed 59 Chinese applications. Even China has similar cloned applications. By observing the smart proof, the Govt. of India has taken the second digital strike. Those 47 apps are not yet listed.

The Modi government wants to ban PUBG in India, but after realizing that, If youth won’t get distracted from playing virtual games, then they will focus on jobs. The youth will talk about unemployment, and the Modi government has to answer them. So that no strong decision is taken by the government.

There are no worries about this. If PUBG is banned, there is an India that has alternative apps to Chinese banned apps. You can access those applications and keep your data secure.

Indian digital team keeps monitoring other apps to find more Chinese applications.


On October 29, 2020, the PUBG game server was down. It’s totally not the use of applications if you have pubic still. It was banned first on 2 September 2020, even though already-installed users were able to play games. Buy now, The government of India has decided to cut off the game server.

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