Which blog ideas or topics would be best for blog beginners

Which blog ideas or topics would be best for blog beginners?

How to find blog Ideas for beginners

Of course, you have heard about how you can increase your expert status and become more discoverable on the internet by writing blogs. Here are the ways you learn how you can find easily blog ideas. This is because in such an article, you often subconsciously use words that your potential customers type in when they Google for a solution to a problem they are experiencing. Learn more on finding blog ideas.

This way, they find your article and notice that you know a lot about their problem and the solution to it. The chance that they will click through to your site and become your customers increases as a result. How can you consciously use this? In other words, how do you know what is interesting for your customers to read?

Finding attractive subjects

Knowing what to jot down may be a different story. How do those seasoned content marketers know how to seek out the proper words and topics every time? Because it can sometimes be quite difficult to work out what’s interesting for your customers to read. There’s a difference between all the data you recognize and, therefore, the information that interests your potential customers.

If you blog about things nobody is fascinated by, your work is pointless. On the other hand, articles about things that are often searched for on Google are also widely read. So it’s important to make sure that your articles are about attractive topics.

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Choose the words your target audience uses

However, it is not only the topic that is important when writing an article; the words you use are also essential. People search for specific words (penalties, expert status, headaches), short sentences (“How do I create a WordPress website?”, “How do I avoid burnout?

By the way, not only do potential customers search this way on Google, but Journalists also approach it that way. And how great would it be if one of your articles was found by such a journalist and you were asked for an interview?

Write extremely easy-to-find articles in 3 steps

To ensure that your articles are interesting for your target group and easier to find on Google, you can follow the following three steps:

Step 1: Find your target audience

Ask a few customers what they would type into Google if they were looking for a solution to the problem for which they came to you. This way, you will hear directly from experts which keywords, phrases, and word combinations they use or would use a lot. You can’t go wrong with that

Step 2: Research the keywords

Google has two tools you can use to see how often the keywords your customers say they use appear as a search query.

The Keyword Planner is linked to your Adwords account. There, you can see how often per month people search for these words. Keyword Planner can also provide suggestions on related keywords. You can also brainstorm words yourself that might be appropriate.

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Step 3: Write your articles

Now that you’ve collected this information, you’ll start writing. So consciously create articles that contain the most commonly used keywords. Through steps 1 and 2, you’ve got a listing of words that your target group uses frequently. Use these words in your articles, and you’ll be pretty sure they’re going to be read often.

In short, using the correct words in the articles you write is crucial. So simply research your target group and consult Google. Then you make sure you have the words to write down extremely easy-to-search-out articles!

Hope you got an idea on how to find blog ideas for your blog posting.

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