Top 10 copyright-free music & all-time hits for YouTube content | Already you listened and found for.

Top 10 copyright free music and all-time hits for YouTube content that you’ve already listened to and found

Top 10 copyright free music & all time hits for YouTube content which already you listened and finding for

Are you a music lover or a YouTuber?

Yes, if you are a music lover, you might have listened to it before, and if you are a YouTuber, you must have used this music in the background for your content. In this post, I listed out a total of 10 top-level copyright free music and famous music all-time and world hits. Many of the big YouTubers have used it for their content and monetized it. 
This is going to be an informative post. Here, I will share it with you without any extra cost. Let’s dip into the music world.
The first and top music is Alan Walker.
1. Alan Walker, Faded:
Alan Walker is a music producer. He gave birth in 1997. He owned Platinum Certificates in 14 countries with the single Faded.” The song “Where are you now?” is included in the music.
The remaining music is released as NCS (NO COPYRIGHT SOUND) music. This is a YouTube channel with 24 million subscribers. They provide the best music for their music lovers every two Days. From those, there are popular music uploads, which I listed below from 2 to 9.
The list comprises several popular songs known for their electronic and upbeat vibes:
2. Cartoon On and On

“Cartoon On and On”: A catchy electronic track characterized by its lively beats and melodic synth arrangements. It creates an energetic atmosphere that keeps listeners engaged and moving. 

3. Warriyo
“Warriyo”: This song carries a strong sense of intensity, combining electronic elements with powerful orchestral sounds. It evokes a feeling of determination and dynamism.
4. Cartoon
“Cartoon”: A vibrant and dynamic tune known for its fusion of electronic and pop elements. Its cheerful melody and rhythmic patterns make it a favorite among music enthusiasts. It’s my favorite copyright free music.
5. Electromia
“Electronic”: With its pulsating electronic beats and captivating soundscapes, this track takes listeners on an exhilarating sonic journey. It’s a blend of futuristic sound and energetic rhythms.
6. Electro-Light
“Electro-Light”: Known for its captivating drops and captivating build-ups, this song is a prime example of modern electronic music. It’s a balance of high-energy drops and melodic interludes. It is one of my favorite copyright free music.
7. Tom Wilson
“Tom Wilson”: This track offers a mix of electronic and dance elements, featuring infectious rhythms and captivating synths. It’s designed to get people on their feet and moving to the music.
8. Jarico Islan
“Jarico Island”: With a tropical and feel-good vibe, this song incorporates electronic beats with a relaxed atmosphere. It transports listeners to an imaginary island getaway.
9. Invincible
“Invincible”: A driving electronic track that exudes confidence and determination. It combines uplifting melodies with energetic rhythms, creating a motivational and empowering ambiance.
10. Beat Your Competition: The final one Beat Your Competition is also one of the most popular found in the YouTube audio library. Listen to all the songs below the video.

These songs collectively showcase the diversity and appeal of electronic music, offering listeners a range of emotions and sensations through their innovative sounds and arrangements.


In summary, whether you’re a music enthusiast or a YouTuber, this compilation of the top 10 copyright-free music tracks holds something for everyone. With renowned hits like Alan Walker’s “Faded” and the dynamic NCS releases, this list is a treasure trove of electronic gems. From the catchy beats of “Cartoon On and On” to the intense energy of “Warriyo,” each track brings a unique sonic experience. “Electromia” immerses listeners in futuristic soundscapes, while “Invincible” resonates with determination. This selection showcases the richness of electronic music, offering a spectrum of emotions and sensations that captivate and motivate. Explore this musical journey and discover the captivating world of sound. If you like those copyright free music comment below.

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