Now get AdSense approval quickly in without purchasing a custom domain

Now get AdSense approval quickly in without purchasing a custom domain

How to get instant adsense approval with domain

If you are a blogger, there is good news for you. We know that if we have a website with a domain, we need to wait 4–6 months to get AdSense approval. But now, no more. You can get approval like when you purchase a custom domain; likewise, now we can get approval in the domain as well within the new interface.


First of all, log in to the blogger dashboard. You will find the option Earnings in the left menu. You will see the google AdSense publisher ID. If you want to get approval in a new Gmail. Login with that Gmail ID. Then click on Connect AdSense. After that, you will see a message like “Google is reviewing your website”.
No matter whether your website is 1 or 2 months old. If you have created a blog right now. Immediately you will see the same button “CONNECT ADSENSE“.

You need to check all the Google criteria before connecting to Google Adsense. If everything looks perfect, the changes are likely to get approval soon.

Below you will find another message that says, “You need to add domain name, e.g.,, to AdSense”. Now you just copy the domain URL and click on “Go to AdSense”.

The Adsense page will be loaded shortly. You will find the “SITE” option in the left area. Then you will find another option “ADD SITE” Click on it and paste the URL then go next. You won’t find any code to paste in HTML. Google will check all of them. That’s it.

Enter your E-mail address to get more updated interesting posts:

Congratulations! Now your site is connected with Google Adsense. Google takes a time at least 24 hours or it may take up to 2 weeks to review your site. If everything is ready. You will get approval mail. Otherwise not you will get a message as “doesn’t meet our program criteria

Look at mine below my AdSense approval took two months, but finally received mail too that my site now can serve Google ads. I was very happy.
Tips to get AdSense approval: Just do as below before applying AdSense. It is actually easy to get approval for Adsense.
  1. Register top-level domains like .com, .in, .org, .co, etc
  2. Write an original/unique article for at least 20
  3. Build pages like Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us
  4. Your site should be secured with SSL/HTTPS://
  5. Apply Adsense 

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