How to add a meta tag description in Blogger to rank our website?

How do I add meta tag descriptions in blogger’s blogs to rank our website?

What is a meta tag description?

In simple terms, the meta tag description is only 150 or 160 characters of the website, which includes HTML to rank the website based on search preferences. This is one of the main SEO steps to getting ranked.  With this, users can get a summary of what content the site has before they click. So, in this post, I am here to guide you on how we can add meta description tags in our HTML code on Blogger or

How does it work?

Usually, the meta tag description code contains a lot of keywords related to the niche of the website. So, If the user enters any word that is related in the description, Google shows you that site. The best example is my website itself. The below image clearly shows the tag code :

How to add meta tag description in blogger to rank our website? -

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<meta name=”title and description” content=”Keywords – All about Blogging, SEO, Adsense, How to, YouTube, guideblogging, helpblogger, blogging tutuorials, seo tips, blogging tips, adsense earnings, affiliate marketing, how to make money online, Technical tips, Guide tech and Gadgets. name=’description’/>

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Generate a meta description first:

There is one free tool with which you can generate a meta tag description code with the title of the website. If there are no meta tags on the website, Google will index it by taking 150 characters of description. 150 characters of description are not enough to rank a website. So, Generate a meta tag at Within 2 steps, you can generate it easily. In step 1, you need to give the title of your website description; that is all. In the next step, you’ll see the code of the meta tag description.

Copy the code to paste in the HTML website.

Now, go to Blogspot dashboard >Theme> 3 dots menu >Edit HTML

how to add meta description on blogger

Paste the code below the <body> tag and save

add meta description on blogger
After all these steps google will index you with a meta tag description. Still have any queries regarding this post please comment below.


To sum up, incorporating meta tag descriptions in Blogger blogs for improved website ranking is a crucial SEO strategy. These concise 150-160 character snippets, embedded within HTML, influence search result preferences and offer users a glimpse of content before clicking. This guide simplifies the process of adding meta descriptions to Blogger or

It, enriched with relevant keywords, helps Google associate user queries with the site’s content. A practical example showcases the code’s structure. Employing aids in generating these descriptions effectively. By following straightforward steps, bloggers can optimize their sites for better visibility. Queries can be addressed through comments.

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