How I reset my phone without losing a single KB | Apna mobile phone Reset kyse kare 100% safe

How I reset my phone without losing a single KB | Apna mobile phone Reset kyse kare 100% safe

How I reset my phone without losing single KB | Apna mobile phone Reset kyse kare 100% safe

There might be a lot of reasons to factory reset your device. Your phones getting down to loading, Apps overload, Hang on and your current update doesn’t work properly. The second thing might you are going to sell your phone(Of course you should do this for preventing data leaks).

Worrying about whether you might lose your data for formatting and resetting your device. Of course, some of your data is more precious than your device. So, proceeding with reset will be done in a safe manner without losing a single KB.

When I reset my mobile Infocus turbo 5+, I follow all the steps to keep my data alive.
I focused on all the things before I format my device. Follows below:
  • Contacts

  • G-mail

  • Storage

  • Applications

  • G-2FA (Google 2 Factor Authentication)

  • Removals


The main theme of contacts is most important and we usually store their contact number. Contacts are not downloadable content to restore from the internet. It is manually saved digits of numbers individually. If you lost this data you have to collect all the contact numbers from starting and you may forget some of the persons who might use you further. 
So, before formatting mobile or any device make sure that contacts data have to be copied file or move to email.


All Android phones must require at least one Google Mail to access all the features. Those mail can store up to 15 GB per mail including contacts and media. It is better for you to remove Google Mail or remove it from the formatting device.


Another important thing is storage.  All multimedia like images, videos, MP3 audios, text files PDF, APK files, and other documents. In this storage, your data might be very important for you which is stored in your device.
The best way to protect from losing data by formatting is by copying all the data into your desktop. Yes, it’s a better way to copy all the storage in your personal computer or Pen drive. If there are no choices for you, then share files to another device with the help of ShareIt or Files Go.


As I discuss above Application included mandatory. To remember those which you have installed you can easily find them in Google Playstore > Menu > Library. Another thing is to take screenshots of home pages (Applications icon) and backup them in google photos. 

Google 2 Factor Authentication

Google 2FA is 15 seconds password to unlock virtual accounts. The best example of Google 2FA is crypto exchanges. For more security, to protect their funds from hacking Exchanges provide features to boost security with the private keys to connect G2FA. 


Before formatting your device be conscious to remove SIM Cards, SanDisk(Memory Card), and USB Plugins. 

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