Life unfolds as a varied journey, marked by both challenges and moments of joy, urging us to explore self-discovery and personal fulfillment. Zindagi Quotes

These reflections prompt us to lead authentic lives, discovering joy internally and learning from the ebbs and flows of life. They advocate for resilience in tackling challenges, underscore the importance of inner happiness, and highlight the beauty of contributing to others’ well-being. These insights act as guiding beacons in our pursuit of meaning and fulfillment within life’s intricate fabric. Zindagi Quotes

Ultimately, they underscore the profound impact of our experiences and the vivid hues that render life uniquely extraordinary. Here is the best song lyrics website.

Zindagi Quotes

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zindagi quotes in hindi english

“Zindagi ka maksad hai khud ko jeena, na ki dusro ko jeena sikhana.”

(The purpose of life is to live for oneself, not to teach others how to live.)

“Zindagi ek nayi subah hai, ise apni khushi se bhar do.”

(Life is a new morning, fill it with your happiness.)

“Zindagi ki kimat tab samajh me aati hai, jab woh khatam hone wali hoti hai.” – Zindagi Quotes

(The value of life is realized only when it is about to end.)

“Zindagi lambi nahi, balki gehri honi chahiye.”

(Life should be deep, not long.)

“Zindagi ka asli maza manzilon ki chahat me hai, raaste toh khud-ba-khud ban jayenge.” – Zindagi Quotes

(The real joy of life lies in the desire for destinations, the paths will be created on their own.)

“Zindagi me mushkilo ka samna karne se dartey mat, khud par vishwas rakho, phool tabhi khilte hai jab kaanto se guzarte hai.”

(Do not be afraid of facing difficulties in life, have faith in yourself, flowers bloom only when they pass through thorns.)

“Zindagi wo nahi hai jo beet gayi, zindagi toh wo hai jo hamare dil me bass gayi.”

(Life is not what has passed, life is what has settled in our hearts.)

“Zindagi khud se nahi dusro se sikhti hai, isliye khud ko kabhi mat harao.”

(Life learns from others, never lose yourself.)

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“Zindagi ke rang ko badalne ke liye, khud ko badlo. Kyunki woh rang hamare hi haath me hai.” – Zindagi Quotes

(To change the colors of life, change yourself. Because those colors are in our own hands.)

“Zindagi ki asli khushi apne andar hai, bahar nahi.”

(The real happiness of life lies within us, not outside.)

“Zindagi sabse badi udaan hai, socho mat, bas udte raho.”

(Life is the biggest flight, don’t think, just keep flying.)

“Zindagi ek aisi kitab hai, jisme kuchh toh dard, kuchh toh pyaar likha hota hai.”

(Life is a book in which there is both pain and love written.)

“Zindagi mein dil ko kabhi na roko, kyunki woh toh tham ke rukhta hai tab jab woh toot jaata hai.” MANIPULATIVE WOMAN QUOTES

(Never stop your heart in life, because it stops only when it breaks.)

“Zindagi ek natak hai, khud ko sahi role me dikhao.”

(Life is a drama, show yourself in the right role.)

“Zindagi ka maja toh tab aata hai, jab hum khud ko khush rakh paate hai.”

(The real joy of life comes when we can keep ourselves happy.)

“Zindagi ki sabse badi khushi woh hoti hai, jab hum dusro ki khushi me khud ko kho dete hai.”

(The biggest happiness in life is when we lose ourselves in the happiness of others.)

“Zindagi ek mithai ki dukaan hai, apne hisab se chuno aur khushi se khao.”

(Life is like a sweet shop, choose according to your taste and eat it happily.)

“Zindagi mein mauke gumte rehte hai, unhe paa lo aur gungunao.”

(Opportunities keep revolving in life, grab them and hum.)

“Zindagi ka har pal hamein sikhaata hai, bas khush rehna seekh lo.”

(Every moment of life teaches us something, just learn to stay happy.)

“Zindagi ki sabse sunder cheez woh hai, jo aapke sapno ko saakaar karti hai.”

(The most beautiful thing in life is the one that makes your dreams come true.)

“Zindagi ka asli rang toh usme hai, jisme hum khud apne parche bhar sakte hai.”

(The real color of life is in those moments when we can fill our own pages.)

“Zindagi ek safar hai, aur hum isme musafir hai, toh chalte raho aur jeete raho.” – Zindagi Quotes

(Life is a journey and we are travelers in it, so keep moving and keep living.)

“Zindagi ka asli tandav woh hai, jab hum duniya ki ladaiyon se upar uth jaate hai.”

(The real dance of life is when we rise above the battles of the world.)

“Zindagi ki khoobsurti toh tab samajh me aati hai, jab hum kamyanabiyon se upar uth kar doosron ko khushi de sakte hai.” – Zindagi Quotes

(The beauty of life is realized when we can rise above our achievements and bring happiness to others.)

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