Unique ways to find keywords for your blog content to rank

Unique ways to find keywords for your
blog content to rank
Unique ways to find keywords for your blog content to rank

In this post, I will try to make you understand what keyword research is and why it is important to write a blog post. If yes, How do you research keywords and choose the right keywords for your website as a keyword strategy? So, let’s dip into the content.

Keyword research is the method of finding and analyzing what people search for on Search Engines like Google, and Yahoo! with the goal of using the data for a specific purpose. Many times, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works to solve queries and ranking difficulties.

Why is keyword research important? 

It helps to find what kind of keywords will suit the queries that the audience will look for in Google. This process can help with marketing strategies. People will look at the different keywords for their solutions. So, if the content you wrote with related keywords is successful in getting your audience to do their research, Always focus on targeting keywords. It will help to find keywords.

Marketing Trend

Putting your effective keyword research with marketing trends can help your content on current relevant topics and keyword searches with your audience.

Traffic growth happens only when you identify the best-fitting keywords for the topic you write about and publish. The higher your ranking in the search engine results, the more traffic you’ll gain to your website. Almost 70% of online activities start with queries from search engines like Bing or Google. The goal of keyword research is to find what the audience is looking for. It will help to find keywords.

Keywords with topics

Keyword research defines how you select topics and take the right action with SEO tools to reach your audience with keyword phrases. It can be taken by getting a high-volume term of keyword searches in search engines. With that, you can guess the topic and dictate the content. It will help to find keywords.

Steps to Find Keywords phrase with SEO strategy

1: Create a list of important, relevant topics for your niche

Put yourself in the shoes you are looking for, and that way, you can move forward with your blog or business. For example, You want to know the full disadvantages of taking proteins. How do you search on search engines?

2: Research and Analyze your keywords before writing content

Now the second step is to find the right keywords for your topic. These are called keyword phrases, which are most important to rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It will help to find keywords. It will help to find keywords.

Write those topics with sufficient and focused keywords

With those selected keywords, you need to start writing a blog. Mention keyword phrases only where they are needed. Check grammar and content before publishing. I suggest you write an article of at least 800 to 3000 words. It will also help to find keywords.

4: Use keyword research online tools

For doing keyword research SEO tools can assist you in coming up with more different keyword phrase ideas. Popular online keyword research tools like:

§  Ahrefs (

§  SEMrush (

§  Google keywords planner (

§  Keywords Everywhere (

§ (

5: Test how your competitor doing with the same keywords

Basically, keywords are of two types: long-tail and short-tail keywords, which means two- or three-word keywords can be called short-tailed and more than three-word keywords are called long-tail keywords. If your competitor works on the short tail, then you should try the long tail once, and vice versa. It doesn’t mean the competitor’s keywords are always important to you.

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SEO for specific Search Engine Results Page (SERP) sections

Image Packs

Image packs are also kinds of search results in the form of a horizontal row with images that appear on top and just below the search engine with the results. To place your image there, you should write heavily on the image. Below are the image pack results.

Paragraph snippets

Paragraph snippets, also called Featured snippets, are those snippets with short text that show at the top of Google search results as a quick solution for common queries. It can help the visitors by answering them quickly. Below is an example of paragraph snippets.

List snippets

Listicles is another name for list snippets. It is mainly for those posts that start from start to finish in steps. If you don’t know how to connect to Wi-Fi, this is your query to Google: if someone wrote a post with a procedure for connecting to Wi-Fi with step-by-step guidance. That kind of post will help with it.

Video snippets

Video snippets are small or lengthy videos that accompany the content. Google sometimes shows only videos. But mostly, this placement takes videos that have content too. So, it is better to post videos on Post and YouTube at the same time if you work on both.

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Dwell is nothing but “live in”. Once a visitor visits your site, that user will read for a length of time. In short, the reader spends time on your blog. Here, Dwell is the moment a visitor clicks and lands and the time left your blog.

Page Speed

Increasing your page speed and reducing visual elements affect your page’s load speed. So try to remove the unnecessary elements, Code plugins, and Code junk; this will improve your page speed. To find wasted code, check out the tool HTML-Cleaner. It shows you how to remove unnecessary code with a single click, which doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Mobile Responsiveness

More than half of the traffic comes from mobile users, including those from the United States. So you must design your web page to be mobile-friendly and use a lightweight theme. Then keep an eye on how your website is performing by taking a look at the mobile site speed tester

There are a number of statistics to work with on your business website to reach your audience. So, here, in case I missed any techniques that seem unique. Please write me down as a comment.

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