Top 13 killer tips to rank your Web Page in 2023

Top 13 killer tips to rank your page in 2023

Top killer tips to rank your page

Hello there, Today you are going to know the top 13 killer tips
to rank your web page. As a blogger, we should have awareness of page ranking.
Starting before the main content of sharing tips to bring up the ranking of your
website. Let’s try to understand first what is page rank.

What is page ranking?

Here is my introduction to the topic, Page ranking is like a
system for ranking pages on Google or any other search engine. It works on an
algorithm that decides how you represent queries to the readers that you put
into a search engine like Yahoo! or Google. The more importance you get from visitors
through page links the more chances to get ranked on search result pages. In
this process, the page links of your post get ranked at any point from the top 1 to

Why everyone wants to improve page ranking?

Let me make sense to you so that you’ll understand why we
should page ranking is important to our website. You need to plan on everything
once you become a blogger. In simple terms, page ranking is a recommendation for
the website.

For example, You have written about a career that completes
their master’s. If any master’s graduate reads your blog and realizes with your
great explanation that he wants to know. Then he might decide to share your page
link with others like their friends. That means that can increase your page
rank too fast – because it’s from a relevant site and important.

How page rank will get calculated?

Page rank will get calculated by different methods in different
search engines. Most web pages are calculated on search engines by Backlinks
based on the number of links you provided on your site. Those links could be included
as follows below:

  • Backlinks
  • External links
  • Internal links
  • Inbound links
  • Do-Follow links
  • And No-Follow links

So, let’s start with important content. In fact, these tips
help you to rank your web pages at #1 if you must follow.

Here are some of the top killer tips to improve the page ranking of
your website

  1. Create Unique SEO optimization
    content (on-page SEO)
  2. Use heading and keywords tags
  3. Create Backlinks
  4. Article directory submissions
  5. Submit blog to web directories
  6. Ask another blogger to link your pages
  7. See your site in the search
  8. Fix broken links
  9. Strong internal linking
  10. Know the algorithms of Google ranking
  11. Track and measure with the right
  12. Your website is a must for mobile
  13. Keywords research
  14. High-quality content
  15. Guest posting
  16. Link Exchange
  17. Commenting on other blog posts
  18. Keep updating content
  19. Social Bookmarking
  20. Create multiple pages
  21. Improve your organic CTR

Here are the crucial 10 killer tips to rank your page, follows below:

1. Create Unique and SEO optimization content

The most important thing is to create relevant, unique content
for your niche. Fresh content attracts and creates interest in blog
visitors. Go with targeted keywords in your content and maintain consistency to
post every month or in a week. If you fail this you might see that your site
may get dropped from ranking.

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2. Use heading and keywords Tags

Of course, it needs to rank your
page along with unique content try to tag keywords with titles in the backend and
front of your site.

Here is a useful post. So that you
can follow how to do on-page SEO( Nothing but
you need to mention keywords in H1, H2, and H3 headings. If your site hosts in
WordPress then install a plugin in “SEO Writing Assistant”

3. Create Backlinks

Creating backlinks is not the toughest
task and we already have 51 ways to create quality backlinks. As quick points and an easy way to get backlinks through Guest posting which is covered in the article.

A backlink means when a website
has links and that link is connected to the other exact website. You might have
seen a blog post that links to another website or web source.

4. Ask another blogger to link
your pages

For example, you have written a
blog post regarding How to remove the watermark in PowerDirector by doing your own
research. Then find the other blogger that he writes about mobile editing application
topics and tell him to provide your link in his next blog post. In this way, your
page gets more traffic and helps to rank your website.

5. See your site in the search

Make sure after publishing your
new blog post every time you need to index in google webmaster. So try to check
whether your site is indexed or not. To check your indexed webpages easy do copy
your blog post URL and paste it as in the example

6. Know the algorithms of Google ranking

Google will keep updating its algorithms even though most of the changes are not announced publicly. It includes keywords in queries, relevant content, the usability of pages, your location, and other technical settings.

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7. Your website is a must in
mobile friendly

If you want to rank your website
your theme should be flexible for mobile websites. Because more than half of all
website traffic raises from mobile devices. So your website needs to perform
well on mobile.

8. Guest posting

Guest posting is nothing but
posting on another website. Find blogs that allow you to write a blog post and
publish it on their websites. It helps in receiving two or three backlinks in
return to visit their visitors to your website for what you have submitted your

9. Link Exchange

Link exchange is a well-known and
most-used technique by every blogger. To get a page rank on top you will need
to find higher-ranked sites to link your site. Never do link exchanges with unprofessional
bloggers or you don’t know about them.

10. Commenting on other blog posts

Along with posting your web posts. In addition, you can also comment on other articles. Do it consistently on websites that are in your industry. The more you post comments mean the more you will act in the community. That’s why more websites have installed Disqus which
means in the comment section you can provide your website link, and others will Do-Follow.

11. Keep updating content

If your site has a bunch of blog posts on your site. You need to update the content accordingly to improve your ranking.

12. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking brings better ranking. Social bookmarking means sharing your site on social media platforms like Facebook pages, Whatsapp, Instagram stories, etc.,.

13. Improve your organic CTR

CTR means Click Through Rate. When you improve CTR organically more people will click on your website which should be in search results. Using question title tags you can increase CTR. This means it can increase traffic without ranking sometimes.

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Overall this page is Discussed about top 13 killer tips to rank your page.

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