How to add or deposit amount on Google Adwords | Add a payment method | Steps to Step Guide

How to add or deposit amount on Google Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to add funds in Google ads

What is Google Adwords?

In short, Google Adwords is also called Google Ads.  It is Google’s advertising platform which runs ads on pay-per-click, where advertisers set their bid on keywords and pay for show ads on the top page in the Google search. The theme of Google Ads is to help entrepreneurs connect with potential customers and generate leads and sales through their websites.

How do I get 2000 rupees on Google Ads?

Are you looking for 2,000 credits in Google Ads? Google offers the Ads credit 2000RS as a promotion. It allows you to connect with new customers. As we know Google is the biggest company in technology, but also in sales, advertisements, merchandising, etc,. So Google Credit 2000 to not wait anymore to start your online advertisements plan. Usually, you can activate a promotional code by clicking on Promotions which will be left menu.
Adding a payment method is optional because you can choose Netbankin or Money Transfer. While payment methods are Adding Credit or Debit card details or Adding a Paytm wallet.
The image can take you to the page “Add funds”
  • Click on Setting
  • Billing & Payments
  • Add funds

After clicking Add funds the next interface will make you select a payment method like Net Banking, Money Transfer, Add debit or credit card, and Paytm wallet. So select any one payment method and enter the value of the amount that you are ready to invest for advertisement and click on the make payment button. Refer to the below image. 

After clicking on the Make payment button the next pop-up window will open to select your bank account name, the next to login into online banking respected to selected bank account name then you will get OTP to initiate the transaction and complete payment. Before you confirm just recheck the amount you entered.
“SABT is crying for Allah’s response.”
After successful payment and once received google will credit your Google ads account in 30 minutes.
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