How google adsense detects invalid clicks and traffic?

How Google AdSense detects invalid clicks and traffic?

How Google AdSense detects invalid clicks and traffic

First of all, what are Invalid traffic and clicks?

In one sentence Invalid traffic on the website is entered into
the website by clicking links intentionally fraudulent to create a fake number of
website visitors, clicks, impressions, or publisher’s earnings.

Those invalid traffic may include

  • Entering into the own websites and generating the live ad
  • Repeating the unwanted ad clicks and impressions that will
    be generated by the single or group users sitting at a time
  • Using the tools and software to be automated ads clicks,
    these activities will cause invalid traffic and clicks.

So, Google wants always to be genuine user interest. It is strictly
prohibited by creating such activities through artificial clicks. According
to the Google AdSense program policies, If google detects a high level of fraudulent
traffic activities on the specific account/website google will Suspense or
terminates or disables your AdSense accounts. Although if there is no quality traffic
Google will put limited ads to serve Google AdSense ads on your website which detects fake traffic. Google is smart enough to understand invalid activities.

Google also says that your website may also get invalid
traffic without your permission or knowledge. Even though being a blogger and
publisher it is our responsibility to track everything to ensure that the traffic
is valid or not.

How google will prevent invalid activity?

Google acts seriously on invalid activity. To detect invalid
click or traffic google use both human reviews and an automated system. By using over a century of complex algorithms to
figure out fake or abusive traffic as happens in the wrong ways.

Engineers, Data scientists, and researchers work around it
to figure out invalid clicks and interactions between users and websites. When
they find something fishy will try to mend it or else suspend or disable the
advertisement account. Along with those google will hold your payment even for
the previous month.

Here are the major ways to detect invalid traffic or clicks

Automatic filters

Google scientists will use over 200 modern filters to stop
the vast invalid traffic in real-time. Google’s team continuously works on those
filters whether it is been working properly or not.

To end with invalid traffic before it happens

Those modern filters stop the most invalid traffic from the
right beginning. If the traffic is associated with an unacceptable IP
address, like if the publisher has a suspicious high CTR (Click Through Rate)
or the whole traffic from a single user or IP address, google filters will
point it and stops before it executes as traffic.

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Removing confirmed detected traffic as bad

It is not easy to finalize the fraud traffic even modern filters
catch it. In some times data scientists will monitor the metrics again until they
come to finalize the one result. So it may take several weeks to detect suspicious

Looking forward to invalid traffic

Even Google can’t confirm if modern filters find suspicious
activity because no filter is perfect. So google team review manually by their
advertisers. It also sets an alert to get to know the unusual spikes of traffic
so that they come to know the behavior of traffic.

Stopping invalid activity

After all, those analyzing parts will come to finalize whether the account should be disabled or not. If the generated traffic is invalid, google
will terminate the account immediately. If the invalid traffic is came accidentally
without knowing the website owner then the owner can appeal their case whose
account is disabled.

When it came to knowing again that invalid traffic is acceptable
then the account will reactivate again, and will do that right away as well. Publishers have
a right to appeal their problem to investigate. Google doesn’t reveal the reason why your AdSense account is terminated.

Will AdSense be suspended with invalid clicks?

As I mentioned in the Google terms and conditions,
Google has a right to ban or suspend the Google Adsense account if it is found
invalid traffic and clicks. Sometimes Adsense will penalize and you will get to
know through the mail. So if you are a publisher then you must know the Adsense
policies and say big NO to invalid clicks. Read for more.


1. Expired Domains

Expired domains are cheap prices and as a result spammy. Because
the traffic comes from unwanted sources and audiences. Expired domains will have
high Domain Authority (DA). This problem comes an additional with expired

You can fix it by auditing your website to see the traffic from
where the domain is redirecting to your website. Also, check all your server log

2. Link Building

Link building looks like a master in SEO Techniques but later, you realize that there are ways to crawl those pages by attempting to web
crawlers. So these could be a reason to get invalid traffic.

You can fix it by avoiding unnatural places to share content
and build links. Never spam your website links by sharing them everywhere and
multiple times like in comment sections, forums, and email newsletters with

3. Is your website Hackable?

Bots are everywhere, from mobile to social media platforms
such as Google web crawler (Google bot) these bad crawlers will also be
there as well. Because of poor credentials bot actively on-site attacks to crack
it and put strain.

You can fix it by changing the CMS admin URL credentials by
putting in hard passwords. For WordPress websites, users can install plugin “Enumerated
user plugin”. These plugin blocks the Ips from upcoming attackers so that you
should be able to be safe from invalid traffic.

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In today’s blog post, discussed How google adsense detects invalid traffic and clicks. First, you will learn about the definition of invalid traffic and clicks. Then how you can prevent invalid traffic? 3 easy ways to prevent fake traffic. If this blog post helps you, please share it with your friends.

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