Can a BIPC student choose BSc in COMPUTER SCIENCE?

Can a BIPC student choose BSc in COMPUTER SCIENCE?

Can a BIPC student take BSc in COMPUTER SCIENCE?

Once you complete class 12, there are a lot of questions that run through your mind. It is the stage where you can sink or soar. The degree you earn plays a very important role. You should be careful and witty while choosing it. Always know all the possible degrees you can take before clinging to one. Choose one within your interests and capabilities. See what the expert says. Clearly talks about basic computer science for bipc students.

What do BiPC students study?

The BiPC course is chosen by students who are interested in medical sciences and want to pursue careers in medical-related industries. They basically study Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as core subjects, along with English and language. BiPC is an acronym for the subjects where Bi stands for Biology, P stands for Physics, and C stands for Chemistry.

Can bipc students take a BSc in computer science?

Bipc students cannot take a BSc in computer science as they do not study Mathematics in classes 11 and 12. Mathematics plays a very important role while studying for a BSc in computer science. Air is necessary for our survival, just as mathematics is necessary for the survival of a BSc in computer science.

There are certain criteria that are necessary for getting into BCS computer science: students should have cleared classes 11 and 12 with at least a pass percentage in all subjects. These subjects should include mathematics as one of the core subjects. Since BiPC students do not study mathematics, it is not possible for them to get into a BSc in computer science.

However, it may be feasible if the student takes proper mathematics courses from recognized institutions before joining the course. These courses may come in handy even during their careers as basic computer science students.

Can BiPC students take bsc in Karnataka?

 The system of education in Karnataka is a bit different from that of Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka, there is an opportunity even for biology students to take computer-related courses. In Karnataka, we have a PCMB course. It is a versatile course where one can take either medical or engineering courses.

PCMB is an acronym that stands for the subjects P-Physics, C-Chemistry, M-Mathematics, and B-Biology. Hence, if they have mathematics, they can take any course. They are eligible to take a BSc in Computer Science. So BiPC students are not eligible to take a BSc in Computer Science in Karnataka.

Computer science courses for BiPC students?

Rather than trying for a BSc in computer science, taking a BCA is a better option. BCA gives better opportunities to BiPC students when compared with BSc.

What is BCA?

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is one of the most opted courses after class 12. It is a three-year degree program. It consists of subjects related to computer hardware and software, computer structure, programming languages, web development, data security, data protection, data storage, and much more. Some courses may vary according to the college you opt for and your BCA course specialization. You can even get opportunities to work in the field of IT which is now the talk of the town.

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There are several specializations in BCA that are worth taking a degree in it.

  • Software development
  • Database management
  •  Artificial intelligence 
  • Web development
  • Data communication, among many more, depends on your university.

There are several entrance exams to do BCA like IPU CET, BCA, LUCSAT, KIITEE BCA, etc, and for abroad SAT, ILETS, ACT, TOFEL, etc

BCA deals with subjects like computer fundamentals, programming languages, operating systems, the organization and structure of computers, big data, database management, web applications, and many more.

Humans are always trying to capture the best thing within their environment, and sometimes they can go even beyond possibilities to achieve it. Hence, career comes first under this. Here are the possible career opportunities that you get by doing a BCA:

  • Mobile applications
  • Developer
  • Programmer
  • Web designer
  • Data analyst
  • Computer analyst
  • maintenance
  • computer technician

What are the skills required for a BCA in Computer science?

Some of the characteristics required for a BCA in Computer Science are keen interest, curiosity, creativity, good communication skills, strong teamwork, thinking outside the box, and strong computer knowledge.

What do students study in BSc computer science?

BSC Computer Science is a 3-year degree course in the basic sciences. It is most popular among students who want to be scientists in their respective subjects. It provides an excellent opportunity to bring out your curiosity and knowledge, especially in Computer systems. It is a combination of hardware and software-related subjects. A number of globally reputed colleges provide this valuable course. Again, Can a biopic student do basic computer science?

Subjects which students of BSc computer science students study are:

  • Computer programming
  • Operating system
  • Computational systems
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms and flowcharts
  • Machine learning and many more factual subjects

There are several entrance exams to do BSc like JEE, TANCET, SET, etc.

BSc computer science deals with subjects like theoretical knowledge of computer science, working of computer science, and its applications in the real world.

Jobs which BSc computer science students can do:

  • Game designer
  • Testing engineering
  • Database designer
  • Project manager
  • IT specialist
  • Graphic designer and many more

BSc computer science colleges in Hyderabad:

St. Francis College for women in Begumpet, Avanthi degree and  PG college in Kachiguda, Nizam College in Basheerbagh,  GITAM University Hyderabad campus, Woxsen College Hyderabad, and IIM Hyderabad, etc.

What are the salary opportunities for BSc in CS?

Salary may vary according to your location, colleges, companies, and your specializations.

If you get posted as a software engineer then your lowest salary might be INR 3 lakhs per annum (LPA), your highest salary might be 14 LPA, average it might be 4 LPA. For UI or UX developers, the lowest may be 2 LPA, the highest may be 10 LPA, and on average 5 LPA. For system administration lowest can be 2 LPA, the highest may be 5 LPA and on average it might be 3.5 LPA. For mobile application developers, the lowest may be 2.5 LPA, the highest may be 14 LPA, and on average 5 LPA. For network engineers lowest is 2.5 LPA, the highest may be 6 LPA and on average it might be 3.5 LPA.


  1. can a bipc student choose bsc in computer science after?

    Yes, students at BiPC can pursue a Bachelor of Science in computer science.

  2. can i do computer science after 12th bipc?

    Any students majoring in BIPC or biology are eligible to enroll in engineering programs like computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, ECE, and EEE, among others.

  3. bsc computer science subjects?

    1. Computer programming
    2. Operating system
    4. Computational systems
    5. Data structures
    6. Algorithms and flowcharts
    7. Machine learning and many more factual subjects

  4. bsc computer science salary?

    Lowest Salary Highest Salary to Highest and more than that
    > Software Tester
    INR 2.24 LPA
    INR 9.89 LPA

    > Website Developer
    INR 2.23 LPA
    INR 10.05 LPA

    > Mobile App Developer
    INR 2.42 LPA
    INR 14 LPA

    > UI/UX Developer
    INR 2.12 LPA
    INR 10.27 LPA

  5. can bipc students do bsc computer science ?

    Yes, you can pursue a B.Sc. in data science despite having taken BiPC in your 12th grade.

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