Top most asked interview questions for freshers job

Most asked interview questions for fresher’s job

Top interview questions for fresher’s job

Are you Applying for a job? Getting ready to attend an interview? Do you have any idea what type of questions will be asked you in an interview? Do not get confused and overstressed for your first interview. If you are a fresher and going to perform an interview just look at the below interview basic questions and answers.

Almost every HR interviewer will ask the following basic interview questions for freshers. You might be capable to answer those questions but good preparation is essential to get a good impression on the interviewer. Get an idea of what type of questions the interviewer will ask by following below. 

1. Tell me about yourself?

Greetings, (Good morning/Afternoon Sir/Madam)

First of all, I would like to say thank you for giving me this great opportunity to introduce myself. 

My name is NAME, I am basically from Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. I belong to a nuclear family. I did my post-graduation MBA from SV University and Graduation with computers from Rayalaseema University. If you have experience continue that. 

My strengths are: I am a self-motivated person because I use to drive myself to take initiative and complete tasks also I am a Hardworking person because I put in additional time to make things better. 
My hobbies are reading books, writing articles, and listening to music. Note: Hobbies are not preferred to say, but definitely concern it only if HR asks. 

My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company and my long-term goal is to achieve a good position where I can build my career as well as an organization too. That’s all about me, Thank you so much.
Note: Must be prepared for at least 2 minutes.
The template for the self-introduction is:
  • Greetings
  • Name and Native place
  • Qualifications with project tile
  • Strengths
  • Hobbies {*only If HR asks}
  • Career goals
  • About family {*only If HR asks}
  • Thanking
2. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

My strengths are, I have good communication skills, I am hardworking, problem-solving, and self-motivated.

My weaknesses are I hate lies and sometimes hard to say NO.

In addition, you may add If it is suitable to you “I don’t like people, who tell only good qualities about me.”

3. What are your goals?

I am on the path to the beginning of any professional career with a lot of expectations. My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company and my long-term goal is to achieve a high position where I can build my career as well as an organization.

4. Tell me something about our company?

Before attending this interview I gathered some factual information about the company that is, It is one of the best fastest, and most reputed companies in India. The work environment and infrastructure of the company are very good. People feel proud to be a part of these companies as a company provides full support to their employers. 

Tell them about current projects in the company (failures and successful projects). Names of owners and partners along with the established year. So, finally, make them confident that you are suitable for the job role and interested in a particular company. 

5. Why do you want to work at our company?

It is a great pleasure to work with your company. I am looking for a platform where I can explore my skills, abilities, and knowledge for the growth and success of the company. So, I think this is the best platform for my career.

6. Why do you want this job?

Being, I am a fresher, I will be more dedicated to my work adaptable, and also hardworking. 

I had a dream of working with a reputed & successful company. As a fresher, this is a good opportunity to start my career & utilize my skills. So, I need one chance to serve your company and I want to be one of the responsible persons for the growth of the company. I hope your company will definitely be satisfied after hiring me for this particular job. I feel I have great skills and even I can create more skills.

7. Why should we hire you?

Although I have no experience. I am serious and willing to learn anything. That is to be learned for the enhancement of the growth of the organization as well as the self. 

I am also hardworking, dedicated, trustworthy, and self-motivated. Finally, I am confident I’ll be the best candidate for this position.

8. Are you willing to relocate/travel? 

Yes sir, For the right opportunity I am definitely willing to travel and relocate. Because traveling to new places gives me joy and working with different people will help me to learn new ideas. Moreover, It is a great opportunity to enhance adaptability skills. And I am open to relocation.
Thank you sir for asking.

9. Give me an example of creativity!

Okay, I believe creativity is finding the best and shortest solution for the same problem at a low cost. From my teenage, I started to charge in thinking creative ideas.  Every individual may have creative thoughts. One of the best creativity in my academic life is (Express on your own way)

Note: For the best answer take creative examples from your academic life only.

10. Would you lie for the company?

Definitely not, I Believe instead of lying in convincing is the best solution. According to a company, lying can decline the company’s reputation. If customers know the truth our company may lose their trust. For the company, trust is the most expensive.

10.1. Why did you apply for this job position? 

To be honest, I applied for this position, After reading the job description, It seems like a great opportunity to start my career Because “My educational qualifications match for this position”. Which is a really great option to start my career with my relevant theoretical knowledge. At last, I am confident, I will be the best candidate for this position.
10.2. Can you work under pressure?

Yes, sir, I can work under pressure because if I complete my work on time, I hope, I won’t get under any pressure. Even I take it as a challenge to complete the task with great results. My main goal is my work, not pressure.

11. Tell us why you want to work for this company?

Refer to Q.NO 5.

12. How long will you stay with us?

I am excited for a position where I can likely and continuously contribute my skills over the years to the dynamic company. If I am getting benefits from the company, I will work for your company as long as the company needs my services.

13. What are your career goals?

I have just completed my post-graduation in MBA Finance, and I am excited to get my position in the field of finance. I had love to become an expert in one specific field of Business Analysis in the long term. I saw this job offers a variety of areas, which is something I liked.

14. Tell us about your past experience?

As I haven’t mentioned any work experience in my resume. I don’t have any work experience being a fresher. 

15. What are your biggest achievements to date?

Build an answer for this question on your past achievements. For the best recall your past Charity work, Voluntary, Funding, Competitions, Awards, and skills you have mastered.  

16. Tell us more about your project and internship?

Here also the same thing, tell them about your project description, team size, and used technology if so. Also if you joined an internship for a couple of months you can describe them in a minute.

17. What’s your ideal company?

My Ideal/Dream company should be one top MNCs and offer me job responsibilities, skills, and knowledge. I would be able to offer my best to help the company achieves greater business goals and profitability.

18. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

As a fresher, I look forward to learning new things. In the next five years, I would like to be recognized as an expert In Business Analyst.

19. How much salary do you expect?

I know I am just starting off my professional career. I am more interested in finding the right position and work than in salary. However, my personal salary expectations are around 25-30k in the hands.

20. Do you have any questions for me?

If you have questions just raise them like:

Yes sir, thanks for asking,
May I know, What challenges the company is facing?
I would like to know which areas should I improve?

If you don’t want to ask any questions just say:

No sir. Thank you very much, I had a great conversation with you and I’m pretty clear about the job role.


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