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On Being Your Own Marketing Department

On Being Your Own Marketing Department
On Being Your Own Marketing Department
Hello there, Now this article is written by Carleen Moore
Management consultant and professor Peter Drucker once famously said,
Business has only two functions, innovation and marketing, everything else is
cost.” If you’ve started your own business, you’re probably already an innovator.
Now, on to the second function of your business: marketing.
Especially these days, marketing can take a wide variety of forms, from digital
marketing to more traditional routes, so it helps to have a detailed plan in place –
not to mention an understanding of the medium. Today, Winsome Ismail presents a
guide to help you start your marketing journey.

First, you’ll need a roadmap

The first step on any journey is to have a clear, concise map of your destination,
your route, and all the steps you’ll need to take along the path. Your marketing
map for launching a product or service should ideally be a ready-made market
strategy template that shows you how to get to your destination with all the stops
you’ll need to make along the way.
That way you don’t miss critical points, get blindsided by obstacles or run out of
gas (in this case, your cash and assets) along the way. It will include things like
your business and marketing plans, your target audience, and your sales strategy.
Once you’ve got that in place, you’ll be able to use your time and resources more
effectively. Along with your marketing template, you’ll need to explore all your
options, like what methods you should use.

Explore all marketing channels

According to Gartner, a marketing channel is the people, organizations, and
activities that make goods and services available for use by consumers. Things like
direct advertising, outbound calling, trade shows, and mailers are all examples of
marketing channels.
● The channel most business owners are eager to take advantage of is online
searches. A recent study has shown that 89% of consumers use search
engines for purchases. Search Engine Optimization or SEOs is how high up
on a page certain websites appear in searches. Learning what keywords will
work best, keeping your content fresh and updated regularly, and ensuring
your site is “mobile phone friendly,” are ways to improve SEO.
Social Media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are marketing
channels that allow you to interact with a broad audience, introducing your
business, yourself, and your product or service. It’s interactive, so it allows
for a kind of one-on-one engagement that you don’t find in most other types
of marketing channels. It takes time to build an audience, but email
marketing is another avenue that you can explore, and a great way to reach a
huge number of potential customers. Remember that subject lines are
critical, though. You want them to be as specific as possible since emails
with generic subject lines are likely to go unopened.
Word of Mouth is the most sincere type of marketing because it’s not paid
for, per se, but earned. Hosting forums, open houses, and meet-and-greets
allow you to network and incentivize your audience with giveaways of
products or services for them to try out and then tell their friends about.

Have a clear message

Your marketing and business message is an idea you wish to
communicate to your target audience. How do you want your audience to feel
about you, your business, and your brand? Your marketing pieces should tell a story
with an attention-grabbing headline and an image that draws the viewer in, along
with the message you want your target audience to keep at the top of their mind
when thinking of your product or service. It should then end with a call-to-action,
inviting them to act by purchasing, calling, or contacting you.

Educate Yourself

You don’t need a degree in marketing to be your marketing department, but
learning everything you can before starting, and as you go, will pay off in time
and money spent. Whether you take professional classes, teach yourself with
books, movies, and online articles like this one, or find a friend or colleague to
tutor you, you can get more bang for your buck if you know how to spend those
marketing dollars wisely.
Marketing is like inviting people to your party; make it sound like a place they not
only want to be but where they need to be. Hosting means knowing what your
guests want, and marketing means knowing what kind of invitations to design and who
to send them to.
In the end, to quote the great Peter Drucker again, “The purpose of business is to
create a customer.” So happy customer creation, and good luck!
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